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New Officers and Directors

Because of a By-Law change that reduced the number of elected officers and directors, League's Board now numbers 8 members. President Arlene Woo, Vice President Ann Reeves, and Secretary Ruth Hurst will serve for two years. Jean Aoki, Aloha Voter Editor, and Mary Ellen Reed, Membership Chair are new directors serving with continuing directors, Nan Luter and Lona Wyatt. Congratulations and thanks to all!

ARLENE WOO Originally from Texas, Arlene Ischar first came to Hawaii in 1969 as an English teacher. Her marriage to Vernon Woo in 1972 made her an instant Kamaaina, and a Chinese one at that. However, it wasn't until the September orientation meeting in 1977 that Arlene Woo decided to join the League. Although she had known about League and had even helped collate the ALOHA VOTER, it took MARILYN BORNHORST's talk to inspire her into believing that women could indeed do something in politics and government.... and Arlene has been involved ever since.

Her interest in education as a teacher and the mother of two children, Lia and Christopher, led her to LWV's Schools Committee. Arlene had also worked as Assistant Manager of KNDI Radio for a couple of years, so when she was elected to LWV's Board of Directors in 1979, she carried the PR portfolio.

Arlene's many concerns are reflected in the commissions and committees she serves on: The Honolulu County Committee on the Status of Women, the Media Task Force and the Media Council, The Governor's Committee on Alternate Energy, and the Curriculum Comm. of Hanahouoli School.

ANN REEVES Ann Cobb Reeves' gentle drawl belies her incredible energy. She arrived in Hawaii just four years ago and in that time has served as president of Newcomers Club of Honolulu and then of the Bishop Museum Service League, of which she is now a director. She is also a director of the Girl Scout Council of the Pacific and does public relations for the Assistance League of Hawaii and the Bishop Museum. In her spare time, she has served on the Board of LWV, most recently as Membership Chair. It must be true that busy people always have the time to do one thing more.

Although Ann has a degree in English, her career has focused on organization and communication. She was with the Shell Oil Company for 12 years, her last position as Manager of Employee Relations. When her husband, Dennis, moved to Hawaii with his job, she decided to devote her time to doing the things she has always wanted to do. Her involvement in League came about because she felt that LWV's positions on issues were the same as hers and that through League, she would get a better handle on what was happening on the local political scene.

RUTH HURST For Honolulu's League, Ruth Hurst may be a first in the "background" category - she was a 1st Lt. in the Marine Corps for four years. Ruth then worked as an executive secretary for many years, 24 of them in Hawaii.

Berkeley was home for Ruth through college, UC in Berkeley, where she majored in Spanish and political science and minored in English. She made the move to Hawaii at the urging of her sister and brother and has never regretted it. Over the years, Ruth has been active in AAUW, Camp Fire Girls and the Girl Scouts. It was her involvement in LWV's Juvenile Justice study that led her to look into League. It was then that she learned LWV is as concerned and active in national politics and issues as in local. Since Ruth's interests are in national politics, she decided to join last year, and being on the Board guarantees informed and active involvement!

JEAN AOKI Jean Aoki is a proud product of Hawaii. Born in Hawaii, she has lived here all her life, is a University of Hawaii alumnus, and has been a fifth grade teacher. Although retired, she has recently been tutoring friends' children in English -- of course. (All our new Board members come from an English discipline.')

Jean is not new to League. Because of her interest in education, her involvement has been mostly in the Schools Committee. In the past, she was also active in various professional education organizations, Delta Kappa Gamma and on the Board of HSTA. She is now ready to branch out and has agreed to serve on the Board as editor of ALOHA VOTER.

MARY ELLEN REED Union elections have been League's biggest money maker, an essential "product" in the running of League, and Mary Ellen Reed has been our mainstay. Elected to the Board in 1979, she carried the Vote Count Coordinator portfolio and she has been doing vote counts ever since.

Mary Ellen and her husband Bob, who is also a League member, have lived all over the world (he was Navy) and in Bob's retirement have become counselors in the Inter-Faith Marriage Encounter Program. This has kept them very busy but Mary Ellen has still had time to continue her Beta Sigma Phi activities, just completing a two-year term as president. Where there's a need, there's a busy person who will fill it -- so Mary Ellen has agreed to come back "on Board".

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