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League to Launch Nation-Wide Membership Drive (Mary Ellen Reed)
President's Message (Arlene Woo)
No Funeral for ERA (Dorothy Ridings)
Convention Report (Arlene Woo)
Candlelight and Wine (Melvia Kawashima, Jean Ko & Claudia Patil)
League Keeping Eye on Charter Review
League to Produce Publication on Hazardous Waste in Hawaii
Board Training
Tell Them We Support a Strong Clean Air Act!
News Bits
Extended Hand of Apartheid (Richard Gulicksen)
Citizens for Initiative
Available at League Office
Membership Update
League Members Running for Political Office
Mata Aimashoo (Dottie Gulicksen)

Available at League Office

Transcripts of Tapes of the Conference on Environmental Protection and Inflation held on February 20, 1982 and sponsored by Life of the Land.


  1. Environmental Values Undergoing a Change?

  2. Is Cost-Benefit Analysis the Public Counterpart to Profit-Loss Statements in the Private Sector?

  3. Workshop on Barber's Point

  4. Workshop on Queen's Beach

  5. Workshop on Kawainui Marsh

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