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League Keeping Eye on Charter Review

The recent publicity involving Common Cause and the Initiative Committee's concerns about certain members of the Commission may have caused Leaguers to wonder what LWV is doing about the Charter revisions. Have no fear. Alice Scott and Dorothy Murdock have been faithfully monitoring the Charter Review Commission meetings for the last few months and have advised the League of issues and attitudes before the Commission.

Honolulu League sent recommendations to the Commission in January of this year and again in May when the reapportionment decision was made.

Honolulu has a position on the Charter as a strong, basic, simply worded document. It favors citizen participation in City Government and favors an independent ethics commission. Copies of our position on the Charter and on local government are posted in the League office. If you have any questions, please take a look.

Public hearings on the proposed changes will be held in August, and you may testify as private citizens on any of the issues. League will testify if the need arises.

All proposed changes must be made public 45 days before the election. Remember, the voters, not the commissioners, determine what will be in the City Charter.

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