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League to Launch Nation-Wide Membership Drive (Mary Ellen Reed)
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No Funeral for ERA (Dorothy Ridings)
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Candlelight and Wine (Melvia Kawashima, Jean Ko & Claudia Patil)
League Keeping Eye on Charter Review
League to Produce Publication on Hazardous Waste in Hawaii
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Extended Hand of Apartheid (Richard Gulicksen)
Citizens for Initiative
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Membership Update
League Members Running for Political Office
Mata Aimashoo (Dottie Gulicksen)

News Bits


Honolulu League President, Arlene Woo, looked quite festive when she attended the Open House at the new League office on Hotel Street with a hoku (floral wreath) on her hat. Said hoku was made by her 9 year-old son at school.

The party was a jovial and noisy one with a convivial crowd of familiar as well as seldom seen faces imbibing wine and cheese.

MAHALO to Mary Ellen Reed and Ann Reeves who planned and organized the party.


Pat Shutt has just come back from her first LWVUS Board of Directors' meeting. She found the four-day session exciting, exhilarating, and filled with hard work. As Natural Resources chair, she can look forward to at least two years of intense study and work.


Muriel Roberts, who, we understand, will be relocating in Kihei, Maui, soon after the November elections when her responsibilities in the LG's office will have been fulfilled. Her husband, a doctor, is opening an office in Kihei.

Lona Wyatt, who has resigned her position as Human Resources Chair on the Honolulu Board. She'll be spending half of her time on the mainland.

Has anything exciting happened to you or is about to happen? Have you participated in some fantastic workshop or seminar or anything else that the rest of us might want to know about? Is a fellow member too modest to come forth with news about some achievement?

We'd like to know about these things. Drop a line in the editor's box or call the office and leave a message. Or call Jean Aoki at 949-7457, and we'll share the news with all of our members.


Helen Griffin reports that she's heard from Astrid Monson, chairman of the Planning Committee. She's having a great time in the cool weather of Oregon.

Claire Gregorcyk is touring the Orient with her husband.

Marian Heidel spent a month in China with her husband, busily renewing old friendships and visiting places she's known and lived in.

Barbara Farwell and mother, Beatrice David are soon off to Seattle, Washington where they will be attending four performances of Wagner's "Ring Cycle" operas stretched over six days. We understand they're busily preparing for this event, reading scores, listening to recordings, and reading all about it to get the most out of this experience.

Before returning to Honolulu, they'll be visiting Barbara's son who is a Marine stationed at Moffett Field just south of San Francisco.

Carol and Ken Whitesell are visiting parents and relatives on the East Coast. They'll be stopping over in Portland before returning the first week of August.


Carol Whitesell's term on the Land Use Commission and Jerry Hess's on the Zoning Board of Appeals have ended. Both agencies will sorely miss them.

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