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No Funeral for ERA

Dorothy Ridings, President, LWVUS, has issued the following statement on the ERA.

Our membership most emphatically does not believe that the struggle for an equal rights amendment ended with the June 30th deadline, or that the ERA will fade quietly away. The League of Women Voters is used to long struggles, having been founded in 1920 at the end of the successful 72-year struggle to gain women's suffrage.

Our commitment to a constitutional amendment prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex is as strong as ever before, and we are confident that our political skills, sharpened by this past 10-year ratification campaign, will serve us well in our future efforts to ratify an ERA.

Women are only now beginning to realize the full extent of the considerable political clout we have accumulated during this past campaign.

We have enhanced our expertise in mobilizing grassroots support and raising funds needed to wage legislative issues campaigns in all 50 states. These enhanced political skills have led to an ever-increasing number of women running for and holding public office.

These are trends that will help us as we continue the fight for a constitutional guarantee of equal rights for women. We will continue to confront legislators with this issue on Capitol Hill, in the state legislatures, and in the election campaigns.

We, in Hawaii, may need to think of ERA when we make our choices for our state office holders. Remember, Hawaii was first to ratify ERA originally.

Dorothy Ridings

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