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League to Launch Nation-Wide Membership Drive (Mary Ellen Reed)
President's Message (Arlene Woo)
No Funeral for ERA (Dorothy Ridings)
Convention Report (Arlene Woo)
Candlelight and Wine (Melvia Kawashima, Jean Ko & Claudia Patil)
League Keeping Eye on Charter Review
League to Produce Publication on Hazardous Waste in Hawaii
Board Training
Tell Them We Support a Strong Clean Air Act!
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Extended Hand of Apartheid (Richard Gulicksen)
Citizens for Initiative
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Membership Update
League Members Running for Political Office
Mata Aimashoo (Dottie Gulicksen)

President's Message

Although summer is upon us, League is not lazing around.

The Planning Committee, the Transportation Committee, the Charter Review Committee, as well as the Reapportionment Committee have all been busy monitoring and writing letters to reassert League positions.

The Membership Committee has also been hard at work under the leadership of Mary Ellen Reed, And Nan Luter has been working on plans for a "Meet the Candidates for City Council" event in early September. If any of you would like to work on this voter service project or on membership, please call the office. That's 531-7448.

The premier showing of the League/East West Center videotape, Slowly Dying Embers--Nuclear Waste Disposal in the Pacific, was well-received at the May 25 meeting. There was a lively discussion after the viewing. One outgrowth was a call from the UH College of Education asking whether League would be interested in working on a nuclear education curriculum.

Please read the convention report and bring yourself up to date. Many interesting things are happening in League. We have a new study chaired by Dottie Gullicksen---National Defense and Its Effects on Domestic Policy. We are also going for concurrence on reproductive policy and need people to work on that project. So stop in the office and browse and talk to all the exciting people who drop in.

Have a happy, productive summer. Find something "League" to do by the pool.


Arlene Woo

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