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Tell Them We Support a Strong Clean Air Act!

Those of us who are old enough can remember the Hawaiian sky of yesteryear, dripping with stars exactly as depicted in science books showing those heavenly bodies as they really exist. Have you looked at the evening sky of today? The stars are so few and far between and seem so distant. This may not be as alarming as the soupy brown mess of air that envelopes some of our cities today, but it portends Hawaii's future unless something is done to stop the insidious polluting of our atmosphere.

If for aesthetic concerns alone, clean air is worth fighting for. With making sacrifices for. But when our very health and the lives of all land and sea animals and that of our plant life are threatened, we know we can't wait to reverse the trend.

If you haven't read Blueprint for Clean Air, a LWVEF publication, we urge you to do so for a capsuled education on the sources of pollution, the different kinds of pollutants, the effects of dirty air on all life on earth and the existing legislation which address this problem.

The Clean Air Act is now, or soon will be, up for reauthorization by Congress, and many attempts are being made to weaken it at the urging of different interest groups.


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