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Congressional Leadership Debates

The League of Women Voters Education Fund will be sponsoring the Congressional Leadership Debates on September 28 and October 19 over the Public Broadcasting System.

Watch for announcements by KHET in September.

The Congressional Leadership Debates will be the first nationally televised debates featuring the Leadership in Congress. According to a memorandum from LWVUS president, Dorothy S. Ridings, each one-hour debate will feature a single moderator to direct the discussion among four congressional participants---a senator and a House member from each party.

The September 28th CLD will focus on national security/defense spending with attention to its effects on domestic programs.

The October 19th CLD will center on the economy and discuss issues such as Social Security, unemployment, tax policy and inflation. These issues will help illustrate the difference between the two political parties. Both debate sessions will be followed by 30-minute news analysis programs.

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