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Natural Resources Committee: "The Regulators"

You are all invited to attend the September meeting of the Natural Resources Committee:

To view the video film

THE REGULATORS: Our Invisible Government

a public television documentary (See story below)

and to join the discussion with a guest speaker following the film.

Date: September 15 Time: 12:30 - 2:30

Place: Kaimuki Library 1041 Koko Head Avenue

The Kaimuki Library is located at Koko Head and Harding, about one block from Waialae Avenue. It is easily accessible by bus. The #3 Ruger Bus goes right past the library and stops at Waialae and Koko Head. Any bus headed for Kaimuki, Aina Heine or Kahala Mall will drop you at the corner of Waialae and Koko Head.

You may brown bag it.

Hawaii's air quality regulations are in the process of revision. This process is filled with conflicts. On a larger scale, this same process goes on in Washington D.C.

We will have a chance to learn about the Washington process as well as hear how Hawaii is proceeding at the September Natural Resources Committee meeting at the Kaimuki Library on September 15. There will be a guest speaker to discuss Hawaii's regulations, and the video film, The Regulators will show us how regulations are developed.

About the film

The Regulators: Our Invisible Government is a public television documentary that takes viewers behind the scenes to see for themselves how regulations are developed. The 50-minute film follows and earlier, highly acclaimed documentary, H.R. 6161, An Act of Congress, in both format and content.

H.R. 6161 transforms the textbook explanations of how a bill becomes a law into a real-life look at how Congress works.

The Regulators picks up that story as the 1977 Clean Air Act Amendments move from Capitol Hill to the Environmental Protection Agency, the regulatory body charged with the job of translating its clauses into specific requirements. The focus is on Section 169A --- a brief five-page section aimed at cleaning up and keeping clean the air of our national parks and wilderness areas.

The Regulators, like its predecessor, was filmed as it happened --- some 60 hours of the regulators at work behind their closed doors in Washington and North Carolina and at public meetings around the country. Cameras for The

Regulators had unprecedented access to the meetings of this "invisible government," recording deliberations, rival strategy sessions, even phone calls and other private conversations that are the ingredients of rule making---as they are of lawmaking. The film distills those 60 hours into a tense story of the struggle to create acceptable regulations.

(The description of this film was taken from the film guide published by the LWVEF.)

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