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Norma Carr Elected to Honolulu Board

The Honolulu Board has elected Norma Carr to the Board to serve as co-chair of Public Relations with Linda Cuskaden.

Norma, a long-time League member, was born in New York and attended City College and Columbia University and has a Master's degree in education. She has lived in Hawaii for the last 23 years and has four children. In the course of what sounds like an exciting career, she taught Spanish for two years at the University of Hawaii and for five years at Chaminade. She spent four months in American Samoa working for the Samoan government in their English as a Second Language program. She worked on the development of the "Hawaii English program" as an evaluator.

At present, Norma is back at the University of Hawaii as a doctoral candidate in American studies. She is continuing the research she started several years ago on the Puerto Rican migration to Hawaii.

Norma is president of the Hawaii Chapter of the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese and has just returned from a national convention in New Orleans. She is a member of Coomon Cause, Americans for Democratic Action, Delta Kappa Gamma, National Puerto Rican Council for Civil Rights, and the Hawaii Association of Language Teachers.

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