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President's Message

We had two disappointments last month. Ardis Shaw said, with two jobs and a computer class, she is too busy to continue with "Viewpoint," and Lona Wyatt resigned from Honolulu Board because she is spending a lot of time on the mainland.

But, we had lots of good things happening as well, and I was once again impressed with League members. Anne Marie Duca and Nan Luter readily agreed to record "Viewpoint" with me. If we can persuade one more person to join us, each of us would only have to record one a month. Of course, we are relying on the various committees to keep us supplied with material, for "viewpoints" are not made of administrative matters but of League concerns. Each committee needs to provide one every two months. Fair?

Mary Ellen Reed has turned PR person in her efforts to launch "Action Packed Politics" and is doing a wonderful job.

Nan Luter, and her committee of herself, has planned an exciting hoopla for us on September 10. (See article for details.) Norma Carr has joined the Honolulu Board to co-work on PR for real. And Linda Cuskaden will join her as co-chair.

Dottie Gullicksen is forging ahead with the new study, National Defense, even though we've received very little from National at this point.

Further, Anna Hoover, with the help of Frank Eldredge, Mary Ellen Reed, and others I don't know about, are bringing us into the electronic age. We're going on to the computer for our roster and mailings.

Astrid Monson's articles continue to appear in the newspapers even though she's away on vacation.

We have been visible at the Charter Commission meetings in the shape of Alice Scott and Dorothy Murdock. Some of our other members are wearing other hats as well, but they are there---Mildred Walson, Martha Black, Gen Hoffman and Mary Jane McMurdo. Alice's observance enabled us to testify knowledgeably at the public hearing on August 18 before the Charter Commission.

You Leaguers are fantastic!

Arlene Woo

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