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Action Alert

Voting 15-1 in favor of a bill strongly supported by the League, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee completed its work on reauthorization of the Clean Air Act on August 19. The bill, developed under the leadership of Chairman Robert Stafford (R VT), makes significant strides forward in two areas: it begins control of the pollutants that cause acid rain, and it forces EPA action to control toxic air pollutants.

In other areas, the bill streamlines existing law while leaving basic provisions largely intact.

The Next stop for clean air legislation is the floor of the Senate. Action is needed now to ensure the political support necessary to pass the Environment and Public Works Committee bill on the floor. We can be sure there will be forceful attempts to defeat or radically reduce the acid rain control provisions of the bill. Other areas of conflict will likely include toxic pollutants control, standards for auto emissions, the PSD program, and the percentage reduction requirement. Industry groups and the Administration can be expected to join forces against the bill.

WRITE AND CALL YOUR SENATORS. Urge them to support the Environment and Public Works Committee clean air bill being pushed by Senator Stafford. Especially emphasize the League's support for the acid rain control provisions.

MAKE CLEAN AIR AN ELECTION ISSUE. Ask candidates to Congress where they stand on clean air. Do they support the specific provisions of the EPW Committee bill?

The entire text of this ACTION ALERT and a Fact Sheet provided by the National

Clean Air Coalition (of which League is a member) is available for reading in our office.

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