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Congressional Leadership Debates

Hawaii residents will be able to view the nationally televised Congressional Leadership Debates over KHET on October 5 and October 19 at 9:00 P.M.

The FIRST DEBATE will be on NATIONAL SECURITY/DEFENSE SPENDING and will be moderated by TED KOPPEL, "ABC News Nightline" anchorman.

The participants in this debate will be:

  • SENATOR JOHN TOWER (R-TX), chairman of the Armed Services Committee. Senator Tower was elected to the Senate in 1960 and also serves on the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee and is chairman of its Financial Institutions Subcommittee.

  • SENATOR SAM NUNN (D-GA), who serves on the Armed Services Committee, the Government Affairs Committee, and is the ranking member of the Small Business Committee. Senator Nunn was elected to the Senate in 1972.

  • REPRESENTATIVE THOMAS FOLEY (D-WA), the House Majority Whip. Rep. Foley is serving his 7th term in the House of Representatives and is a member of the Agriculture Committee and is chairman of its Wheat, Soybeans and Feed Grains Subcommittee. He represents Washington's 5th Congressional District.

  • REPRESENTATIVE JACK EDWARDS (R-AL), a member of the Appropriations Committee where he is ranking member on the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. Rep. Edwards has represented Alabama's 1st Congressional District for nine terms.
The SECOND DEBATE which will be held on October 19 will be on economic issues and will be moderated by MARLENE SAUNDERS, principal correspondent for "CBS Reports." The four participants for the second debate will be announced at a later date.

The debates will have a classical stand-up format in which the Democrats and the Republicans will be able to argue questions put to them from both affirmative and negative positions. For each question, there will be time for rebuttal, as well as a period for a more informal exchange of ideas. The moderator will direct the discussion to ensure a lively exchange of views. There will be no panel of questioners.

Both debates will take place in Washington D.C. and will feature 30-minute follow-up programs produced by WETA and anchored by THE LAWMAKERS team of Paul Duke and NPR correspondents Linda Wetheimer and Cokie Roberts, with two guest experts each week. Guests on October 5 will be John Mashek, political correspondent for U.S. News and World Report, and Hedrick Smith, Washington correspondent for the New York Times. The follow-up analysis for the October 19 debate will include instant response from viewers in Columbus and Cincinnati via QUBE, the interactive television system.


In her public announcement of the debates, LWVUS president, Dorothy Ridings said, "These issue-oriented debates offer voters a unique opportunity to hear Congressional leaders articulte their party's positions and philosophies on major national issues."

She added that these national debates are the first of their kind in nonpresidential election years and are designed to focus attention on the role of the party in Congress in shaping legislation and to help viewers understand that their votes for individual members of Congress have national significance.

The Congressional Leadership Debates were made possible by a grant to the League of Women Voters Education Fund by Waste Management, Inc., a solid waste disposal firm headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois.

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