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News Bits

Letitia (Tisha) Hickson has volunteered to chair the committee to plan for the membership concurrence on the issue of reproductive choices. She and her committee are busy planning the November meeting. (See report on pg. )

Glendora Alder has volunteered to join our "stable of broadcasters" who do such a fine job of recording "Viewpoint" each week.

Ruth Hurst, Honolulu League secretary is recuperating from an operation. She should be back with us in a few weeks.

Helen Whorton, a member of the membership committee, suffered a bad fall and will be out for another month.

We wish both of them speedy recovery.

The Honolulu Board decided to to conduct some kind of an educational campaign on the revisions to the City Charter and to recommend a "no" vote.

The videofilm, "The Regulators: Our Invisible Government," proved well worth seeing. (See the Sept. Aloha Voter for description.) It is available for circulating loan to you. Call Carol at the office.

Nice to know that all four of Hawaii's Congressmen are co-sponsors of SJ Res. 213 and HR Res. 533 in their respective Houses, reintroducing ERA in Congress.

Don't forget to question the candidates to our legislature about their stand on ERA.

The week of October 8 is Fire Prevention Week, and those of you who happen to come to the office sometime that week are urged to use the back stairs once to familiarize yourselves with alternative means of escape in case of a fire.


Those of you who haven't already done so are urged to mail in the membership information form attached to the September issue of the Aloha Voter.

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