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NO Charter Package

The League of Women Voters supports citizen access to the decision-making process, and believes citizen participation should be encouraged at all levels of the governmental process. The proposed amendments to the City Charter so obstruct the citizen's role that the League of Women Voters of Honolulu advocates a "NO" vote on the Charter revision package.


  • Vacancies in the Council will be filled by a successor elected by remaining members of the Council.
    LWV: Considers this revision one of the two most obstructive to citizen participation in government.

  • All changes are presented as a package for "YES" or "NO" vote.
    LWV: Eliminates voters' right to freedom of choice, forcing them to take the good with the bad.

  • Elected Neighborhood Boards are to be replaced by appointed district neighborhood advisory boards.
    LWV: Has no position on NB, but appointed bodies abolish integrity of citizen participation by making appointees beholden to the Council or Mayor.


  • Language simplified and degendered.
    LWV: Supports clear and logical language in the Charter.

  • Ethics Commission may hire necessary staff rather than use Corporation Counsel.
    LWV: Supports an independent Ethics Commission.

  • Give Prosecuting Attorney a separate budget apart from overall budget.
    LWV: Supports accountability of elected officials to the public.


  • Number of councilmembers increased from 9 to 11.
    LWV: Advocates only a size and apportionment which fairly reflects population. At-large representation to outweigh single member district representation.

  • Councilmembers take office the day after election.
    LWV: Eliminates "lame ducks", but allows no time for hiring staff.

  • Salaries of the mayor, councilmembers, managing director, and all department heads shall be established by a 7 member appointed salary commission.
    LWV: Believes appointed bodies offer no recourse for measures opposed by the public. However, the present collective bargaining process also is closed to the public.

  • Planning Changes: Set up independent staff for Zoning Board of Appeals & Planning Commission.

  • Director of Land Utilization may make minor zoning changes.
    LWV: Has no position on specific changes, but applauds efficiency.

Prepared by: League of Women Voters of Honolulu, 49 S. Hotel #314, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. 531-7448. 9/20/82.

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