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President's Message

Once again, League had a busy month. We started out with a City Council Candidates Fair at the Davies Pacific Center. The number of people attending was small, but the media coverage was excellent. (Thanks to Norma Carr, our new PR person.) Fourteen candidates participated, and all three TV stations, plus KHVH Radio, gave coverage on the afternoon and evening news. Our thanks to Nan Luter for setting up everything and to Mary Ellen and Bob Reed for distributing the League materials, including the balloons. We also appreciate the Leaguers who turned out to talk with the candidates and got grabbed to hold up signs or to blow up balloons.

Both the Natural Resources Committee and the Planning Committee had good meetings this month. The committees are trying to assume some of the responsibilities formerly held by units, and they are doing a good job.

I enjoyed being on KHET's "Dialog" on September 17 to discuss Charter revisions. Alice Scott and Dorothy Murdock answered phones and didn't get to see the show, but Alice did get a call from someone asking how to join League.

Honolulu Board voted to educate the public to vote "NO" on the Charter package on the November ballot. Please read and share the enclosed statement. The Membership Committee distributed copies at Kahala Mall, Pearlridge and the Windward Shopping Plaza as part of our "Action Packed Politics" campaign for new members.

Speaking of members, two experienced Leaguers --- Tisha Hickson and Evelyn Char, --- met with two new members --- Elsie Hirai and Suzanne Meisenzahl --- and planned a stimulating concurrence meeting on the public policy on reproductive choices position. In preparation for the November 20th meeting, please read the "Facts and Issues" publication you will be receiving soon.

I look forward to seeing you at the October 23rd meeting; it has been a long time sing Leaguers have been together. Bring a friend, and come and meet our new members and get reacquainted with old ones.

Arlene Woo

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