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Conference - Environmental Risk Assessment

Conference - Environmental Risk Assessment


The problems associated with assessing and weighing environmental and health risks against expected public benefits are among the most difficult faced by society. This conference will focus on the complex nature of risk assessment and decision making in the face of scientific uncertainty.

When: November 29-30, 1982

Where: Ala Moana Americana Hotel

Time: 8:30 a.m. registration,

4:00 p.m. adjournment for Nov. 29

3:30 adjournment for Nov. 30.

This conference is jointly sponsored by the Office of Environmental Quality Control, Department of Health, and the Public Health Association of Hawaii, in cooperation with the College of Continuing Education, UH Manoa. Speakers and panel members will come from both Hawaii and the Mainland, and will include people from industry, government, and public interest groups.

The November 29 program will include two sessions: Regulatory Frameworks: Who's in Charge of the Store; and Setting Standards: What on Earth Does 5 Parts Per Million Mean? Luncheon speaker will be Dr. David Hoel, Director, Biometry and Risk Assessment Program, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. The topic is Risk Assessment: State of the Art.

The November 30 program will also have two sessions: Responding to Problems: Are There Better Solutions; and Where Do We Go from Here? The Luncheon speaker will be Dr. Bailus Walker, Director, Michigan Department of Health, speaking on Michigan's Experience with PCBs.

If you'd like to attend, please fill out and return the registration blank on the right before November 24, 1982. If you'd like more information on panels and speakers, please call Barbara Farwell at 423-1681.

(To conform to the official registration form, please cut along the dotted lines exactly.)


Please enroll me in:

    2 day Conference, (GAH ER2311), fee $30

    1 day only, (GAHER2311), fee $20

    Monday Session (November 29)

    Tuesday Session (November 30)

    (Please print or type)

    First Name Middle Initial Last Name


    Home Address

    Social Security Number:


    Home: Business:

    Payment By:

    Check enclosed - payable to the University of Hawaii

    Master Card - Interbank Number


    Credit Card Number (Master Card and VISA)

    Signature Expiration Date


    Purchase Order Enclosed - P.O. Number

    MAIL TO: College of Continuing Education

    University of Hawaii at Manoa 2530 Dole Street, Box CE

    Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

    Registration Deadline: November 24, 1982

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