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Right of Privacy?
President's Message (Arlene Woo)
Rappers, Researchers, Readers, Rehashers, and Writers Needed
Workers Needed - Teamsters Local 681 Election
General Meeting - Concurrence on Reproductive Choices
Dollars and Sense (Marian Heidel)
LWV Scholarship Fund
News Bits
Conference - Environmental Risk Assessment


We want to thank those who have made financial contributions to League.

Businesses: Many contributors were listed in the May-June and September issues of the Voter, and since then, we have received a check from the James Campbell Estate.

Our Members: (Over and above their dues)

Aoki, Jean
Burgess, Frances
Brubacher, Irva
Carlmark, Mary
Chaplin, Esta
Chaplin, George
Char, Evelyn
Cummer, Cheryl
Eldridge, Margaret
Francis, Marian
Furukawa, Grace
Gilson, Marie
Grabbe, Arien

Davenport, Joan
Kawashima, Melvia
Kiewit, Alice
Lum, Dorothy
Marrack, Althea
McLachlan, Thelma
Nelson, Joyce
Oishi, Evelyn
Palmore, Susan
Parnell, Jacqueline
Phillips, Winifred
Reed, Bob

Reed, Mary Ellen
Roberts, Jean
Roberts, Muriel
Saunders, Allan
Saunders, Marion
Shoup, Edna
Sloane, Opal
Schutz, Adeline
Tan, Elizabeth
Weisberger, Beth
Wolgemuth, Kathleen
Zelko, Gertrude

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