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News Bits

OUR CONDOLENCES TO Adeline Schutz whose husband passed away in September. L. W. Schutz was active in many community organizations and was often seen helping with our vote counts. He will be sorely missed by many.

Ruth Hurst, Honolulu League secretary, had to prolong her stay in the hospital due to an infection after her surgery, but we're happy to hear that she is soon to be released. We need you, Ruth. (I narrowly missed "holding the pencil" at the last Board meeting.

As a trial MONEY-RAISING venture, League purchased twenty copies of The Hunter Directory, "a comprehensive guide to the most wanted telephone numbers of City and County, State and Federal government agencies and private organizations on Oahu.

The parties are listed alphabetically by subject and cross-referenced and indexed for fast, easy use. We have already found it most useful in the office. These directories are sold in several retail outlets for $4.00. We are offering them for $3.50. They would make great Christmas gifts, party favors, door prizes, etc.

If you would like to purchase one or more, call Carol at the office or leave a message. We'll have them for you at the November 20th meeting or at the Christmas Luncheon, or you can pick them up at the office. Maybe you friends would like some too.

The Hawaii Council of Churches is looking for two legislative interns. These are volunteer positions, and each would be assigned to work with a particular legislator for about four hours a day. They're looking for people who are interested in politics and in government operations. Sounds like an ideal way to learn about the process of government.

Anyone interested should call Emmet Cahill, 521-2666.

The videotape, Slowly Dying Embers: Radioactive Waste in the Pacific will have a return showing on KHET sometime in December.

Marion Saunders's Action Committee is planning an "Introduction to the League" session for new legislators to inform them about what League does and how we do it. This will take place sometime the early part of December.

This committee is planning our January meeting, and it will be a pre-legislative round-up. They will give us some information on the results of their legislative interviews and the organization of the Legislature. We will be hearing about some of the issues that will probably emerge, and League's strategy during the upcoming session. You won't want to miss this.

There was a good turnout at the October general meeting at the Hale Koa Hotel. It most encouraging to see so many of our new members there.

Jerry Burris was a most entertaining and informative speaker as he gave us his general impressions of the Oahu political scene and of the new Legislature and City Council. In answer to the many questions from the audience, he made several predictions on the upcoming elections.

Pat Shutt described her grueling work schedule as National director and head of the Natural Resources program as well as a member of the new Long-Range Planning Committee. But, knowing of her penchant for hard work and her ability to live up to any and all expectations, we know she'll be making a great contribution over there in the big pond.

In our previous issue, we invited all our members to attend our committee meetings. We have sat in on a few, and while we had never found subjects like hazardous wastes and community planning especially fascinating, we were highly impressed by the knowledge accumulated by the committee members, and their enthusiasm couldn't help but awaken our interest in these topics.

Try it, sometime soon.

Speaking of well-informed people, Kiyoko Nitz, who was a member of the Natural Resources Committee, was appointed to serve on the State Coastal Zone Management Advisory Committee. Congratulations:


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