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President's Message

At the reception given by the Honolulu County Committee on the Status of Women in honor of the twelve outstanding women in Honolulu for 1982, one of the honorees said she felt she was only a symbol of all the women in Honolulu. Likewise, in the eyes of the public, we individual League members are symbols of a serious organization whose life blood is action based on deliberate study.

League policy requires that national league act in the name of all local leagues only after the established procedure has been used to determine an official League position or point of view. One method of formulating position is through concurrence. Concurrence is the act of agreeing with a stated position. In the case of the reproductive choices question, National has taken the positions of New Jersey and Massachusetts and restated them. Each local league will either agree or not agree and report to National. Once a national position is determined, LWVUS will speak for all of us in Congress and in the public arena.

Because the reproductive policy issue is such a controversial and emotional one, League is trying to set aside the moral considerations and approach the issue as a question of the individual's right to privacy. It is important for all of you to participate in our concurrence process and make your thoughts known so that the report Honolulu sends to National is truly representative. If you are unable to attend our November 20th meeting, phone in your opinion.

And speaking of opinions, we hope to hear from you after you have read the enclosed treasurer's report.

Arlene Woo

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