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League in Action

The Planning and Zoning Committee, co-chaired by Astrid Monson and Helen Griffin, has had a busy year as evidenced by the numerous appearances by League at hearings and letters written to committees, commissions and boards involved in city planning, zoning and housing.

Astrid's article in the October issue of the Aloha Voter detailed their efforts in monitoring the 5-year revision of Honolulu's General Plan and urging policies in keeping with League's position on population growth and distribution.

In November, League testified before the Honolulu Community Development Authority (HCDA) pointing out that proposed amendments did not deal with the problem of excessive effective floor area ratios given for garages nor of insufficient open space at street level; questioning the advisability of a proposed amendment which would give developers vested rights on the basis of a very preliminary approval of "project eligibility"; and urging the lowering of upper income limits for the 10 to 20% reserved housing the plan requires for low and moderate income families. (At current income levels, the present method of calculating the upper income limit would permit families with incomes up to $50,000 to qualify for assisted housing.)

In its testimony on this and other planning matters, committee members speak within League's general position on planning, zoning and housing. These call for the planning of housing, open space, moderate densities, population distribution, industry, agriculture and other elements of the island development, and for their implementation through zoning and special area controls.

WHO ARE THESE LEAGUERS who, so assiduously, have attended the meetings of these committees, commissions and boards, and read the volumes of minutes and reports, and researched the needs of our community and developed the expertise to understand the planning and zoning process to be able to make the necessary recommendations?

In alphabetical order, they are:

DEL FRYER, formerly League representative on Citizens' Advisory Committee on Planning of Oahu Development Conference,

CLAUDIA GAUEN, League observer at meetings of the Land Committee of the Housing Coalition,

BETTY GORDON, administrative aide to Council Member Bornhorst; Vice-chair, Thousand Friends of Hawaii,

VIOLET GREN, League representative on and chair of Consumers' Housing Task Force,

HELEN GRIFFIN, co-chair of League Planning and Zoning Committee; Vice-Chair of Hawaii Community Development Authority (Kakaako),

DOROTHY MURDOCK, League representative on Citizens' Advisory Committee on Planning of Oahu Development Conference; League monitor, City Council committee and general meetings; observer, Charter Review Commission,

ASTRID MONSON, co-chair of League Planning and Zoning Committee; writes column on Planning for Sunday Advertiser; member of City advisory committees on land supply and zoning,

MILDRED TOWLE, League monitor at City Council committee and general meetings,

CAROL WHITESELL, seven years a member of State Land Use Commission; member, Land Committee of State Housing Consensus Alliance, Coastal Zone Management Advisory Committee, City Advisory Committee on Mixed Land Use.

It is through the efforts of people such as these that our struggle to help Oahu grow in an orderly manner and retain as much of what's left of its beauty and livability is going to be won. The committee would welcome new members. So you don't know anything about planning and zoning? Neither did many of the present committee members. They acquired their knowledge and expertise. So can you!

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