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Evelyn Bender Joins Board as Publications Chair

Evelyn Bender, our new Publications Chair, comes to us with a lot of experience in League work on the mainland. A graduate of Penn State with a Master's Degree in Education from Boston State College, Evelyn has been a League member since 1950. She has served in many positions including that of local league president in Watertown, Massachusetts. On the state level, she served as Corrections Specialist and then Legislative Chairman for the last ten years. She did her stint as editor of the state Voter and also as State Blouse reporter for a biweekly publication.

Evelyn and her husband, Coleman, who is an Assistant Professor in the Speech Department at the University of Hawaii, were frequent visitors to our state before they were finally lured into settling here permanently. They've been residents of Kaimuki since June of this year. They have two grown children and two grandchildren on the mainland.

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