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Luncheon General Meeting
President's Message (Arlene Woo)
Return Engagement: "Slowly Dying Embers"
January General Meeting
Evelyn Bender Joins Board as Publications Chair
Honolulu Concurs
Introduction to League for New Legislators
New Roster Coming Soon!
Join the Council observer Corps
League in Action
Publications and Reports
News Bits
Announcements - National Security Committee
Vote Count News
Membership Update
Report from the Hill - Regulatory Reform, Mass Transit

New Roster Coming Soon!

An up-to-date Membership Directory will be mailed to every member early in December. If you find any errors in your listing, please call Carol at the office--531-7448.

Our new roster was prepared using the computer at the Church of the Crossroads. Special thanks are due to member Frank Eldridge, who told the computer how to do it, entered innumerable changes in member information, and made many trips between the League office and the church with printouts and corrections to printouts.

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