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News Bits

Our brain said "attached," but our fingers insisted "attatched." Our befuddled brain, betrayed by wayward fingers, managed to produce more sloppy copy than is excusable for our November issue of the Voter. Our embarrassed apologies. Can't promise, but we'll try hard not to let that happen too often.


We've been in great need of someone to keep track of the many excellent publications produced by League, national and local, and to accelerate their "distribution." EVELYN BENDER's nomination to join the Honolulu Board as Publications Chair was approved by the Board at its November meeting.


At the request of the League Planning and Zoning Committee, League has set up a meeting with the new Honolulu Council members to discuss our positions on some of the issues that come before them for action. The Planning and Zoning Committee will be joined by the Honolulu Board and members of the Transportation Committee

at the December 6th meeting tentatively scheduled to take place at the League office at 10:00 a.m.


Your Board voted to participate in the Women's History Week, March 6-12. Last year, we prepared an exhibit and we'll be doing the same this year, Evelyn Bender volunteered to attend the first organizational meeting on November 18, Thelma McLachlan is willing to help prepare this exhibit and needs more to people to work with.


Former League member, Gretel Blickhahn McLane, has come out with a historical fiction for children (grades 4-7) called KALIA and the KING'S HORSE, about the introduction of the first horses to Hawaii as presents to King Kamehameha. Published by Press Pacifica --- Nov. 1982,


We still have a few copies of The Hunter Directory left from our second order. They sell for $3.50 and you can pick them up at the office, or we can have them available at any of our meetings. Just give Carol a call.

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