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President's Message

Recently, the Honolulu Board met with three State Board members and Pat Shutt, our National Board member, to review the relationship between State League and Honolulu League and how the local league can best function to serve the goals of League. It became apparent that Honolulu's program needs revitalizing. A good program is the first step on the road to action. It is the basis of our reputation in the community.

In making choices of studies for program, members are saying,

"We think that a problem exists here and we should study it," or

"We think there is a need for more facts or more alternative solutions than we could find last year," or

"We have reached consensus; now we must translate our careful study into the reality of action."

League program consists of issues specifically adopted by vote at convention on the state and national levels and at annual meeting on the local level. Issues previously on the program must be re-adopted in the same or amended form in order to be part of the next year's program. Any new items must also be voted upon for inclusion.

Honolulu's program for 1982 consists of four items:

  1. Local Government---Action to be taken as the situation warrants. Emphasis on open and responsive government.

  2. Transportation---To promote understanding of Oahu's transportation needs and problems.

  3. Planning and Zoning --- To promote member and public understanding of the planning process; encourage citizen input in the planning process; promote action on housing and promote city planning which includes overall development objectives.

  4. City Council --- Support nonpartisan elections; support council composed of both at-large and district representation with majority from districts; support part-time Council members.

It is time to evaluate our present program and consider our focus for 1983. Honolulu may divide its program into "study" and "action" items. It may adopt State issues as they relate to Honolulu. Or, it may study a national item such as the new study adopted at national convention ---"National Security Policies and Their Impact on Our Domestic Programs and Our Relationship with Other Nations."

Each League member needs to sit down and answer the question, "What are the most important problems we face in the City and County of Honolulu?" Then, the next question becomes, "Can League make a difference?"•

In this manner, Honolulu League can study and act upon the areas of concern that are relevant to us. At the January Board meeting, the officers and directors will brainstorm program items. Either come and join us or send or call in your suggestions so that League can become involved in the things that interest you.

Arlene Woo

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