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League in Action
Natural Resources Committee

In an effort to let you know what League is doing, and to acquaint our membership with the various kinds of activities in which they might wish to get involved, we are featuring the work of one committee in each issue of the Aloha Voter for the next few months. Last month we featured the Planning and Zoning Committee. Next month, we will report on the Transportation Committee.

The League's Natural Resources Committee has long been involved in the study of and action on issues relating to a National LWV principle:

Government should "promote the wise management of resources in the public interest and an environment beneficial to life."

Over the past few years, activities have included the production of the video-tape, "Slowly Dying Embers," and a publication on nuclear waste and the Pacific. Distribution on the video has been nation-wide. Over 2000 copies of the publication have been sent to Europe, the mainland, the Pacific basin and of course, distributed in Hawaii. More copies are available free at the League office.

Last year, this committee was involved in a coalition which asked the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a hearing on a controversial proposal to grant Hawaiian Electric Company the right to burn higher sulfur fuel at its Katie plant. We would also have been party to a suit to stop action had EPA granted HECO this right.

Members of this committee sit on various advisory committees and boards of State and City agencies.

The Natural Resources Committee is charged with the responsibility of keeping in-formed on all issues that involve water, air, solid waste management and energy, and this present committee is active in all of these areas.

As impressive as their work may seem, the members are people like you and me. The chairman of this committee, Anna Hoover, assures us that each present member would be de-lighted to have a buddy or buddies work with her. Committee meetings are generally held I on the third Wednesday of each month in the League office at noon.


ANNA HOOVER, Chair, follows issues involving air and sits on the Advisory Committee to the Department of Health. She coordinates all the activities of this committee.

KILALI ALAILIMA is interested in conflict mediation as well as working on nuclear education projects for the League.

LINDA BAUER who works in the Environmental Branch of the Department of Health is available for special projects.

JANE CRANE has offered her services as editor and interested member.

JOAN DAVENPORT is looking into the Hawaii energy situation and plans to observe at the Legislature.

PEG ELDRIDGE is interested in all areas of Natural Resources and willingly acts as member coordinator and makes arrangements for meetings.

BARBARA FARWELL is heading research about hazardous waste in Hawaii. This will lead to a publication for members and the general public. DEE DEE LETTS is working on the hazardous waste study.

LINDA LAI HIPP is looking at water issues, and in particular, the development of a water code and agency. She plans to observe at the Legislature this session.

JOAN LOONEY is also looking at issues that involve water and particularly at the activities of the Water Commission.

KIYOKO NITZ is following coastal zone management issues. ARDIS SHAW volunteers time for nuclear education projects.

Other League members work on specific projects that interest them.


January 19, League office, 11:30 - 1:30

Update on the proposal to burn high-sulfur fuel at the Kahe Power Plant. Hawaiian Electric Company's Dick O'Connell will try to answer League's concerns which were expressed at hearings last year.

See Voter article in the March, 1982 issue.

Everyone invited. Bring Brown Bags.

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