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League Meets New Council Members

League positions on the important issues of planning and zoning of Oahu land and transportation were presented to some of the newly elected members of the Honolulu City Council at a coffee hour at the League office on December 6 at 10 a.m.

Participating in the dialogue with members of the League Planning and Zoning Committee, the Transportation Committee, and the Honolulu Board were Council Members Leigh-Wai Doo, Welcome Fawcett, David Kahanu and Patsy Mink.

In the informal discussion that followed the presentations by Astrid Monson and Opal Sloane , everyone indicated agreement on the need of preserving the beauty and livability of Oahu. There was talk of the aesthetic desirability and economic advantage of low-rise housing as opposed to the more expensive high-rises that seem to be the trend. Mrs. Mink envisioned a future when cars would be used primarily for recreational purposes and a system of mass transportation would service commuters. There was talk on the need to link development planning and transportation plans. The population thinly scattered all over the island does not make it feasible to pro-vide the convenient transportation system that would lure commuters away from their automobiles.

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