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News Bits

Our president, Arlene Woo, and her family are back from a two-week trip to New York where they took in a couple of shows and saw the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.


Dorothy Murdock is visiting her family in Atlanta and will be taking a quick trip to Rhode Island before she returns on January 14. Seems her family members are strung out along the East Coast.

When her 107-year-old mother celebrated her 106th birthday, city officials visited her at her nursing home where she recited poetry she had written herself.


Nan Luter who lives up on Waialae Nui Ridge lost part of her roof to Hurricane Iwa. She got that nicely repaired only to lose another part of her roof in the recent high winds. We wonder if Nan and her husband haven't had enough of "high" living.


Couldn't reach Betty Rogers to ask her for the names of the "surprise" desserts she provided for our December 15 luncheon meeting, but those bars were just delicious. And coming during this busy season, the gesture was pure League generosity. Many, many thanks.


You are all welcome to use our files, and are encouraged to make use of our extensive collection of reports, guides, publications, etc., but please remember to fill out the sign-out sheet placed on top of the filing cabinet. Some vote-count reports are missing, and if the "culprit" is still using them, won't you give Carol a call so she will at least know where they are?


To our great dismay, Carol Whitesell is vacating her position as part-time office manager. She and Anna Hoover are going to be job-sharing the position of legislative aide to Councilwoman Welcome Fawcett. They'll make a great team and a be an asset at City Hall, but it does create a void in our office. We're looking for someone to replace Carol. (see ad)

Helen Griffin's written a poem entitled Elections of '82 which depicts the turmoil in the LG's office caused by reapportionment being ordered so close to the elections. But you know how handy Helen is with words, and there were too many of them in her poem for us to fit into this paper, so look for it on the bulletin board the next time you drop in at the office.



You must have noticed the difference in the art work in the December issue of the Aloha Voter as compared to those in the previous issues this year. All of it (except for the insignificant wreath below the President's message which was put in as a filler) was done by Marlin Ooms, one of our newer members.

Marlin, though born in Philadelphia, spent thirty years in Southern California before arriving in Hawaii seven years ago. She had visited the islands frequently and finally decided that this was her paradise.

Marlin traded her talent as an artist for the tuition at Brury College in Spring-field, Missouri, where she taught art while attending school. She worked as a commercial artist most of her life, but she's free-lancing now and exhibits her work on the zoo fence every Sunday.

Marlin has been a member of the Beverly Hills, the Redlands, and the Manhattan Beach local Leagues.


President Arlene Woo has announced the appointments of Marian Heidel, chr., Melvia Kawashima, Faye Hill, Opal Sloane and Mary Ellen Reed to the Budget Committee and Barbara Farwell, chr., Fran Burgess, Claire Gregorcyck and Mary Ellen Reed to the Nominating Committee.

Barbara Farwell says they are looking for candidates for the positions of treasurer and two directors to sit on the Honolulu Board. These are all two-year terms.


The deadline for registering as a candidate for any of the Neighborhood Boards is January 17. Registration forms and information can be obtained at the League office.

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