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President's Message

January! A new beginning for most people, but for League it is mid-year. January is a time of action.

Marion Saunders, Legislative Action Chair, has planned an informative meeting for us for January 8. We will be learning how to use the ins and outs of the Hawaii State Legislature to influence legislators on issues important to League. Also for this meeting, the State Board has asked us to include a discussion of prayer and silent meditation in the schools with the goal of eventually reaching concurrence with their position statement. State wants to be able to act on this issue if it comes before the Legislature or the Board of Education.

January 3 brings us a new City Council. Hopefully, we can have a group of observers for their meetings. After all, Honolulu's raison d'etre is to monitor the City Council and to let them know whether they are acting in the best interest of the citizenry. It is important that we make ourselves visible at committee hearings and full council meetings. So please call Ann Reeves and sign up.

Our National Security study will finally be launched this month. The much-awaited guide from LW US has arrived, and Chair Dottie Gullicksen can get moving with some sense of direction. This study should be extremely interesting to us in Hawaii where we are surrounded by military bases.

Hopefully, you have already joined the committee of your interest and are being an active Leaguer. We need you all. If you find it difficult to get out, we can always use you on the telephone.


Arlene Woo

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