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National Security Study Goes into High Gear

The kick-off meeting of the National Security Committee happened with fireworks at the League office at 4:30 on January 10, according to Dottie Gullicksen, committee chair. It was followed by a discussion meeting on January 24, same time, same place.

"It's a terrific group, and we're all excited by the great learning experience we're going to have," she enthused. "We'll really be keeping up with things we need to know NOW, NOW, NOW: Join us and do as much as you want or have the time to do."

As the National Security Committee approaches the task of gathering as much information on the subject as possible and disseminating the pertinent information to the member- , ship, Dorothy Gullicksen has done the herculean task of digesting the guide from National, reproducing essential parts for the committee members, reorganizing the material to make it more easily understood, reorganizing and adding to the bibliography, locating material on the reading list in the various libraries and other sources, and establishing the beginnings of our own library in the League office. Her enthusiasm for this study is infectious, and we can all plan on becoming well-informed on this subject.


While reading heads the list of the sources of information, plans are underfoot to invite speakers to committee meetings and to hold regular discussion meetings at which time members would share the information they have gleaned from their readings and to share their own thoughts on this subject. The next meeting will be held on February 7 at 4:30 at the League office.

At the invitation of the Commander-in-Chief of CINCPAC, Marian Heidel, Helen Whorton, Frank Eldridge, and Dottie Gullicksen attended a briefing regarding nuclear warfare on January 26.


The National Security study and consensus is divided into two phases:

* PHASE I Arms Control Objectives and Criteria
Consensus due July 1, 1983

* PHASE II (contains three areas for agreement/consensus)

Military Policy Objectives

Defense Spending

National Security Decision-making Process Consensus due February 1, 1984

The objective for Phase I is member agreement on evaluating arms control proposals, negotiations and agreements to give the League definition to judge an arms control effort to "reduce the risk of war.",


March General informational meeting

May General informational meeting followed by consensus

There is an exciting prospect of League's sponsoring a 3-part panel discussion on TV to disseminate information to the public as well as to our membership.

Honolulu League has ordered the LWVUS publication, The Quest for Arms Control: Why and How for distribution to the membership before consensus date. This should help pre-pare us for consensus in much the way Facts and Issues did for our concurrence on reproductive choices. It discusses the history of arms control, the objectives of arms control initiatives, types of arms control negotiations or initiatives, possible criteria for judging arms control initiatives, and gives brief descriptions of major arms control proposals, negotiations and agreements.

In the meantime, be sure to read "The Future of National Security" in the Fall issue of the National Voter, which gives "an introductory overview designed to stimulate League members thinking about the many complex aspects of US national security.

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