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News Bits

State President, Rhoda Miller, reports that Anne Kent will represent League on the Oahu Child Protective Services advisory committee. Anne comes to this job well prepared --- as a former Berkley, California policewoman, she's had experience in dealing with child abuse and neglect, the committee's main concern, and as a legislative aide to LWV member Senator Mary George, she will be following child care legislation this session.

Anne has already volunteered to serve on the committee's task force to review DSSH's Corrective Master Plan.


Claudia Patil reports that 1225 tickets for WINELIGHT were sent to 390 individuals and businesses.

You can expect a phone call reminding you to send in your money from the sale of the tickets and whatever tickets that remain unsold. This is our only fund-raiser for the year, so give it a good try, won't you?


Linda Lai Hipp, a member of the League International Relations Committee, has written a kind of a summary of Casto's actions since coming into power in Cuba. Dottie Gullicksen, International Relations Chair, calls it a "headline history" of the pattern of Castro's governing, his split with the U.S., his growth toward Russia, his achievements and his difficulties.

Call Dottie or Linda if you would like a copy.

Incidentally, Linda was a victim of IWA's, losing the roof of her home as well as the whole garage. According to Dottie, all her woes did not keep her from completing the editing of her article. That's spunk and commitment.


George and Laura Wilson have elected to the Executive Board of NAACP. Congratulations:


A REMINDER TO OFFICERS, COMMITTEE CHAIR, AND ALL OTHER MEMBERS. Please feel free to send in any news of possible interest to our membership.

For anyone needing information on individual legislators, the Action Committee has organized a file containing the legislative interviews, newspaper clippings, etc. Look in the file drawer labeled "Congressional, Legislative and Executive Files."


Marion Saunders has obtained many copies of Telephone Directory of Elective Officials --- State of Hawaii from Hawaiian Telephone. It's a handy small handbook and yours for the asking at the League office.


Anna Hoover, Natural Resources Chair, informs us that the videotape, Slowly Dying Embers, has already been shown over four state-wide networks --- Connecticut, Mississippi, Nebraska and New Hampshire. It has also been aired over stations in Anchorage, San Bernadino and at least sixteen other cities.


In evidence of the wide distribution of the League publication, Nuclear Waste and the Pacific, Anna Hoover has received a telex from the Green Party of West Germany, (a political party) inviting her or her representative to their "International Tribunal Against Mass Destructive Weapons in East and West." League would supposedly be representative of women fighting against nuclear waste in the Pacific.

They offered to pay half of the traveling expenses. If no one is able to attend, they have requested a written statement on "the struggle against the nuclear menace in the Pacific. They also asked for 100 copies of Nuclear Waste and the Pacific.

An article in the November 1 issue of U.S. News and World Report describes the Green Party as an anti-U.S., anti-nuclear weapons, Marxist group, which once considered part of the lunatic fringe, is of some rising importance in West Germany.

Anna, of course, has declined the invitation.


If you haven't already done so, please mail in concurrence questionnaire on prayer and meditation in the schools. The form is found in the Winter issue of Leo Hana.

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