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Program Building Time

CITIZEN PARTICIPATION in government, starting with an emphasis on NEIGHBORHOOD BOARDS, an informational project on the workings of LOCAL GOVERNMENT, and JUVENILE JUSTICE were suggested as viable program items for Honolulu in the up-coming year. On January 17, the Honolulu Board and four committee chairs; Astrid Monson, Planning and Zoning; Dee Lum, Transportation; Anna Lee, Government (State); and Marion Saunders, Legislative Action (State) participated in a brainstorming session for program planning for 1983-84.

The group felt we should continue as is with planning and zoning and with transportation. However, review of the current Honolulu program indicated a need to update activities in the area of local government.

Other community issues such as disposal of solid waste, water, jury selection, police brutality, and the prosecutor's office were considered timely subjects but of lesser interest for League investigation. If you think League should be studying or acting on a particular issue involving the city and county government, now is the tin'? to let the Honolulu Board know. The 1983-84 program will be set at the Annual Meeting in April. LWV of Honolulu should be working on projects that are of interest to you.


State League is in the midst of program planning also. Some of the topics that have been suggested are: (1) study of boards and commissions as representatives of the people, (2) jury selection, (3) judge selection, (4) creative programs in the DOE, (5) a separate department of corrections for juveniles, (6) a central authority for natural re-source agencies, and (7) a water agency. Contact a State Board member, or call the office regarding your thoughts on state level program.

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