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President's Message

This past month has been a busy one for many Leaguers, but we did relax and enjoy a delightful afternoon at "Winelight", League's wine and cheese party at La Pietra. (See story for details.)

Finance has been the focus of our attention for several months now, and the Board, with the help of a very hard-working budget committee and some "old-timers", has come up with the proposed budget found on pages 5-7 of this newsletter. Please study the figures carefully so that we can discuss and adopt a satisfactory budget at Annual Meeting on April 16.

The dearth of vote count jobs till this last quarter and the lack of fundraisers for the past three years put League on very precarious ground financially. Therefore, we have had to make extreme cuts in our budget. The most obvious cut is the office manager position. The Board is recommending that we staff the office with a regular crew of volunteers who will be reimbursed for their transportation and parking expenses. Please let us know if you can work one morning a week.

A possible cut which was discussed at length was the expense of the office. Several people suggested that rental of an office is a luxury that we cannot afford. But those of us who frequent the office feel that it is more than a mailing address and a place to store our files. It functions as a work place, a meeting site, and, most important, as an information center for League members and the general public. Anyone who has spent time in our office knows that it is lively and essential to our organization. Indeed,

the last two weeks in March, the office was a beehive of activity. On one particular day, for instance, people were counting votes in one room, a budget committee was meeting in the other , different people were on the telephones continually, and Marian Heidel and Jean Aoki were competing for a quiet corner to write in.

We considered subletting half the space, but our relationship with Ed Fund requires a work space for education projects. We are investigating cheaper rental space, but we have a signed lease through December, 1983.

On the income side of our budget, we are projecting highly optimistic revenues. This means we need member participation in finance drives and fundraising. "But," you say, "I didn't join the League of Women Voters to sell tickets or beg for money." Neither did I. But, we need money to be effective in the community.

You will notice that we are proposing an increase in dues. Our present cost per member is almost $29.00, and our current dues are only $20.00. We realize and regret that we will be losing some members, but our dues are low for the times.

Jean Ko and Claudia Patil have offered to update our corporate and direct mailing lists, so we are taking positive steps toward soliciting non-member support.

Our members have been quite generous this year. In fact, we have shown a steady in-crease in member contributions over the years.

And, all of you vote-counters have made significant contributions to League, too. We thank you for giving so unselfishly of your time.

We also thank the committees who have continued with the "business" of League. Planning and Zoning met with Council member Doo last month. Transportation is studying our bus system, Hazardous Waste is working on a pub, and National Security is making giant strides toward understanding our latest study.

League is complex but rewarding, and above all, a learning experience. (I'll tell you later whether I really wanted to learn so much.)


Arlene Woo

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