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Proposed Honolulu Program for 1983-84

The following program items have been recommended by Honolulu Board for adoption at our Annual Meeting in April.

LOCAL GOVERNMENT ---Emphasis on open and responsive government. Action will include observing the City Council, interviewing Council members, and other action as the situation warrants.

TRANSPORTATION ---Promote understanding of Oahu transportation needs and problems among member and the public.

PLANNING AND ZONING ---Promote member and public understanding of the planning process. Promote city planning which includes over-all development objectives, encourages citizen participation, and promote action on housing.

TECHNIQUES AND EFFECTIVENESS OF NEIGHBORHOOD BOARDS --- Study leading to consensus in October, 1984.

TASK FORCE to explore feasibility of a voter education project on the operations of our City government for the 1984-85 year. The production of visual aids such as slides and videotape to go with a publication for use with community groups and/or schools would be considered.

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