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What's New in our National Security Study

Ten League representatives will travel to two NATO-member countries, March 18-26, on a fact-finding tour. Three LWV national board members, LWV NS specialist, Alice Hughey, two state league presidents, and NS Chairs from Washington D.C., Oakland, Wisconsin and Illinois will participate.

A meeting of State League National Security Chair will be held in Racine, Wisconsin from June 9 through 11. Helen Wharton will be in that vicinity at approximately that time and may be able to attend for the Honolulu committee.

For the use of all League members are some summary reviews of recommended books and articles prepared by some of our committee members. Among the more recent ones is The Game of Disarmament by Alva Myrdal and reviewed by Helen Warton, and four reviewed by Frank Eldredge; Fate of the Earth by Jonathan Schell, The Nuclear Delusion by George F. Kennan, With Enough Shovels by Robert Scheer, and Common Security by the Independent Commission on Disarmament and Security.

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