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Annual Meeting - April 16, 1983
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Toxic Substances in our Lives
League in Action: Planning & Zoning Committee
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Corrections to Proposed 1983-84 Budget (Marian Heidel)

Corrections to Proposed 1983-84 Budget

Since the proposed 1983-84 Budget for Honolulu League was printed in the March Voter, we have found some errors that we'd like members to note before attending the Annual Meeting.


Dues$5,875 should be $5,675. This is because we forgot to calculate on the basis of the two types of membership, single and household. We are proposing the raising of household dues to $37.50. Therefore, we have 203 single memberships (x $25), and 32 household memberships (or 16 couples x $37.50).

Non-member Contributions

$4,000 should be changed to $3,000. There was a misunderstanding at the time of the Budget Committee work sessions. This figure represents our half of a corporate drive carried on by State and Honolulu League. We did not intend to raise $8,000 total. The State Budget Committee has met since then and has proposed $3,000 income from this source as their share; therefore, we also propose $3,000.

Reimbursement for Shared Expenses $3,825 should be increased to $4,203. Since the proposed budget was presented to you, State LWV has decided to increase their support from one-third to 40% of the rent and insurance, sharing the extra cost to us caused by Ed Fund's share's decrease from one-third to 20%.

LWV-Hi reimbursement changes from $2636 to $3027, and Ed Fund's changes from $1189 to $1176.(computational error)

Total Income

This changes the total income from $24,100 to $23,278.


Delegates, Travel

$200 proposed for State Council should read $225. Since the printing of the proposed budget, State LWV has set a delegate fee of $15 and an allowance of 15 delegates for Honolulu.

Financial Support National PMP

2,760 is decreased to $2,664. This is changed to reflect single and household memberships based on LWVUS method of calculating our PMP.

Transfer to SavingsDecrease $6550 to $5799 Under comments, change our total expenses (not including transfer to savings) from $17,550 to $17,479. Subtracting this from our total income changes the transfer to savings to the above amount. One month's expenses will then change from $1462 to $1457 and four month's expenses from $5,848 to $5828.

Total Expenses

The grand total for expenses should read $23,278.

So get your March Voter out, make the changes, and study the proposed budget so that you will be well-informed for the discussion and voting at Annual Meeting.

Marian Heidel

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