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Annual Meeting - April 16, 1983
President's Message (Arlene Woo)
Toxic Substances in our Lives
League in Action: Planning & Zoning Committee
Membership Introduced to National Security Study
Announcement: "Dialog" on KHET
Council Observers at Work (Dorothy Murdock)
State Convention Slated for June 4
Solidarity Luncheon
Membership Update
Director Nominee Wanted (Barbara Farwell)
Vote Count Volunteers Needed
Corrections to Proposed 1983-84 Budget (Marian Heidel)

Council Observers at Work

The present City Council is working very hard---their meeting days begin at 9:00 in the morning and sometimes don't end till way after 9:00 p.m. Besides meeting at City Hall, they've been holding public hearings all over the island on the development plans. I've been impressed by their dedication and the interest they show in all matters that concern the City and County of Honolulu.

Because there are so many new members, they are going through a learning experience, and they all seem determined to learn as quickly as possible.

Your Council Observer Corps is attending meetings as often as possible, but we need a lot more observers to cover the numerous meetings this Council is holding. There are five committees and the full Council, each meeting twice a month. In addition to this, they are holding workshops, annual reviews of the Development Plans that have been passed, public hearings on those that haven't yet passed, and budget hearings on the 1983-84 Budget. It is like a smorgasbord---something for every taste. Do come and try it.

The five Council Committees and chairs are: Budget, Bornhorst; Community Services, Fawcett; Finance, Expenditures and Operations, Matsumoto; Governmental Relations, Akahane; and Planning and Zoning, Doo.

The committees meet on the first and third weeks of the month, and the full Council on the second and fourth weeks.

The agendas we pick up when we attend the meetings have been improved a great deal so it is easy for a newcomer to follow the action.

I am hoping that our present observers can sit together at the Annual Meeting luncheon so we can compare notes on our experiences. Those of you who are interested are welcome to join us.

The members of our Observer Corps are Dee Banner, Betty Anderson, Nan Luter, Mildred Walston, Delores Winston and myself.

Dorothy Murdock

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