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Annual Meeting - April 16, 1983
President's Message (Arlene Woo)
Toxic Substances in our Lives
League in Action: Planning & Zoning Committee
Membership Introduced to National Security Study
Announcement: "Dialog" on KHET
Council Observers at Work (Dorothy Murdock)
State Convention Slated for June 4
Solidarity Luncheon
Membership Update
Director Nominee Wanted (Barbara Farwell)
Vote Count Volunteers Needed
Corrections to Proposed 1983-84 Budget (Marian Heidel)

President's Message

First, let me say that we are not going to move---at least, not yet. Your Board has considered several options and has decided that we will stay in our present office until we find a place that offers us the substantial savings that would make a move worthwhile. However, we will be keeping our eyes and ears open because in order to be free of continuing financial worries and to be able to concentrate our time and efforts on our real league work, we need a cheaper office. So, this is probably not the last you will hear of a possible move.

Second, as mentioned in the last Voter, we have decided to use volunteers to staff the office. Allan Saunders, Yvonne Kearns, Ruth Hurst, and Ah Jook Ku have graciously offered to work one morning a week. When someone volunteers for Fridays, we'll have every morning covered, offering evidence to the public that LWV is "live" and well.

Third, Jean Ko has been working with Bill Daly (wife Betty is a LWV'er) to computerize our direct mail and corporate lists. Bill, who heads the computer company, Voter Contact, has offered to help us establish more continuity in our fund raising endeavors by updating and maintaining our lists.

Fourth, I encourage you all to attend our annual meeting on April 16. We will determine our next year's course by adopting a budget and program. (See March Voter) In both areas, we must make realistic decisions, considering interest and available time. And, in true League fashion, we will provide some "larnin'" about pesticides and toxic wastes, courtesy of Barbara Farwell's hazardous waste committee.

Finally, we must remember our role in terms of State League and begin to consider the State budget and program. Honolulu may send 15 delegates to State Convention scheduled for June 4. Please let me know if you would like to attend as a voting delegate.

I wish I could discuss with you, individually, some of the important issues that I have encountered in the last few months, but I have trouble enough now speaking with all the committee chairs and board members. However, all our activities are reflected in the Board Reading File and the minutes, so feel free to come to the office to get an up-date. The office will be open from 9:00 to 12:00, Monday through Friday.

See you April 16,

Arlene Woo

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