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News Bits

News Bits


We can't thank enough those of you who have generously made financial contributions to League throughout these years, for as vital as your time, energy and intellectual contributions are to League, these need the support of dollars. In an issue of the Aloha Voter in the near future, we hope to list the names of those donors.

We may have failed up to now to ac-knowledge the financial contributions of those members, who, so willingly and voluntarily, have paid for expenses incurred in the course of doing league work from their own pockets expenses of duplicating material, parking fees, books, paper, stamps, etcetera, etcetera.

Our budget certainly does not reflect the true cost of League activity. The howls you heard from your Budget Committee this year would definitely have been much louder if it weren't for these "out of own pocket" contributions.



OUR THANKS TO VOLUNTEERS, Allan Saunders, Ruth Hurst, Ah Jook Ku, and Fay Hill for coming in weekday mornings and working in the office. So far, they've written thank-you letters, typed corporate mail drive envelopes, helped with bulk mailings, stuffed envelopes, as well as answer the telephone and distribute League mail. Never a dull moment! And it's good to know that a friendly voice will answer your call when you phone the office.

We could use more help. The job pays up to $5 a day for expenses. Interested? Call any morning and give your name; we'll get in touch with you. Mahalo!


All that Claire Gregorcyk sees in her dreams must be rows and rows of envelopes. All of our vote counts for this year seem to have been concentrated in the last three months. We wish to thank . the members and their friends and families who helped League earn badly needed dollars, and enabled Marian Heidel to face incoming bills with-out flinching.

It doesn't seem possible, but the hectic 1982-83 year has come to a close. Your Voter editor wishes to thank all of you who generously tolerated all the errors, (typo-graphical, grammatical, and judgmental) and supported us with words of encouragement and friendly advice and criticism. Many thanks also to the many contributors, especially those who jumped to the rescue when we were scrounging for words to fill a blank page.... Astrid, Rhoda, Arlene, Anna, Marion, and Dottie.... just to name a few.

And of course, the paper would never have reached you in the early part of the of the year hadn't Carol Whitesell and Rhoda Miller been around to answer the million questions we had on how to do this, and where to find that, and how to make the typewriter respond properly, as well as act as sounding boards.

Thanks to Helen Griffin for explaining the mysteries of putting together a news bulletin, and, of course, our President, Arlene Woo, who never outwardly displayed her nervousness and doubts over whether an accept-able paper would come out on time.

To all of these people, and all of you, and the members of the Honolulu Board who were so supportive at all times, a million thanks!



Arlene Woo just returned (with a beautiful cold) from a skiing trip to Snowbird, Utah with her family, with stops in San Francisco on the way over and back.


Marian Heidel who just completed her two-year term as Honolulu League Treasurer, will be leaving June 7 for a six-week visit to the West Coast, California, Oregon and Washington. Her husband's taking a summer sabbatical from his post as Chaplain at Punahou School to attend conferences in Berkeley and Los Angeles. They'll spend the rest of the time visiting family and friends.


Allan and Marion Saunders will be spending May on the East coast. Marion thinks she may spend part of the time getting reacquainted with New York City. They'll be back in time for the State Convention.

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