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President's Message

In looking over the years at the President's Reports for the Annual Meeting, I found that almost everyone stated that that had been a busy year for League. This year has not been any different.

It seems that a lot of time and energy have gone into the financial side of League this year. Honolulu Board was forced to take a serious look at our income and our expenses. We found League in the undesirable position of having fixed expenses but no fixed income. Thus, we decided to make a commitment to stabilize our income. This type of commitment cannot be fulfilled by a few people; it requires the cooperation of all members.

Do not fear, though, we are not asking members to contribute more money next year, for you have already been very generous. What we are hoping for is more participation in pro-gram, thus increasing League's success and visibility in the community. The more often we make the public aware of our work, the better chance we have of obtaining the necessary financial assistance from the private sector.

As part of our goal, we are in the midst of developing more continuity in our fund-raising efforts. We have a vote count coordinator who has been handling our main source of revenue very efficiently. Now, with the addition to our Board of Craig Whitesell as Development Director to coordinate our income generating efforts, the President, the Board and the League as a whole will better able to concentrate on program, the mainstay of the League of Women Voters.

One only needs to read through the committee reports in the Annual Meeting booklet to know that League is active in many areas of vital importance to us locally and across the nation. In fact, we all joined League because of the kinds of issues it confronts. However, once we become members, we found we had to work, for League is not a passive organization. League gets action because it takes action. Our stature in the community is due to member dedication to positions.

Unfortunately, our reputation does not mean that prospects are standing in line to be-come members. Our membership has fluctuated around 235 for as long as I have been a member. Even the national membership campaign did not bring in many members for us. It seems to me that the most important aspect of member attraction and retention is personal contact. If old and new members alike make the effort to get to know each other and become involved either in a committee or in the office, they will find the people and the issues stimulating and challenging.

So let's take an active role in League and have another busy year.


Arlene Woo

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