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Dee Dee Letts, Wonder Woman

A day has more than 24 hours for Dee Dee Letts. Otherwise, how can one person, even if she is a woman, manage to do so much.

Dee Dee, who works for the Hawaii Community Development Authority, is League representative on the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OMPO) and has been nominated to take Alice Scott's seat on the Tourism Plan Advisory Committee.

As a member of League's Planning and Zoning Committee, she is in the process of taking an inventory of existing sugar cane lands and identifying those that are threatened by other usage. She, with Janet Gillmar will be looking into possible alternative crops to keep these lands in agriculture.

Dee Dee is the new editor for Leo Hana and sits on the State Board.

How can the rest of us sit back and let Dee Dee have all the fun. Look at the WANT AD column of this issue and find a slot for yourself.

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