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League Co-Sponsors Elspeth Rostow Luncheon-Lecture
Hear Bob Poole Discuss "User Fees"
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Dee Dee Letts, Wonder Woman
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Hear Bob Poole Discuss "User Fees"

July 14, 1983

Oceania City Chinese Restaurant

11:30 no-host cocktails

12:00 lunch

$15.00 per person

Robert Poole, a systems and operations research analyst, president of the Santa Barbara based Reason Foundation and editor of Reason magazine, is the country's leading expert on user fees, deregulation, and privatization of municipal services. Poole is the author of CUTTING BACK CITY HALL and editor of INSTEAD OF REGULATION.

For information, call Jack Davis at 946-2825.

Checks made out to Jefferson Society may be mailed to:

The Jefferson Society P.O. Box 22466 Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

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