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Consensus on Arms Control
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Walston to Head New Honolulu Study
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Whose Job Is It ???????
League Co-Sponsors Elspeth Rostow Luncheon-Lecture
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Opal Sloane Represents League on Hali 2000 Advisory Group
Dee Dee Letts, Wonder Woman
Facing the Facts
Membership Drive '83
Leaguer's Profile
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Membership Update

The Leaguer's Profile

Though based on a very small percent age of our total membership, an analysis of the survey forms returned to National from a first mailing to about 28,000 members (10% return) may be of interest to you.


Not surprisingly, nearly all the members responding were female (98%). Nearly half (48%) were employed, and 22% worked full time. About three quarters of the League members were married, and 56% were age 55 or older; 31% were over 65; only 7% were under 35.


League members are extraordinarily well educated --- about 90% of the respondents had been educated at the post-graduate level. This is all the more remarkable because so many respondents were over 55 years of age.


About one member in five spends more than five hours per week on League activities. These include, most prominently, reading LWV materials (76%), offering financial support (70%) and attending meetings (62%). Almost two out of every five members have served on a League board during the past three years. The bad news is that more members say that their participation in the League has decreased (30%) rather than increased (23%) over the past three years.


More than one-third of the members (38%) subscribe to cable television. The only national publication that reaches more members than cable TV is the National Geographic magazine (41%). The next most popular periodicals are Time and Newsweek, each of which reaches about three in ten members. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are each regularly read by about two in ten members.

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