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President's Message

First, let me thank everyone who sent in contributions to League of Women Voters in memory of Alice Scott, one of our longstanding and outstanding members. The Board voted to set up the Alice Scott Memorial Fund as a special account in the Ed Fund with the in-come to be set aside for voter education projects selected by Honolulu League. There were some suggestions to buy a particular piece of equipment and label it in memory of Alice, but the Board felt that we do not really need any other office equipment at this time. The intent is for the fund to be a continuing one with contributions being made in memory of other members. Such contributions may reflect recognition of our members' belief in the goals and activities of League.

And those activities are as varied as they are challenging. Our newest includes gearing up for our Neighborhood Board study. This study was adopted at Annual Meeting primarily because League has not been able to participate in the public discussions about how effective these Boards have been, and whether or not the Boards should be continued or abolished. If you have any opinions one way or another about Neighborhood Boards, join us at our first meeting on July 15. (See Calendar) Mildred Walston has agreed to chair the study, but we need members to help outline our approach, to conduct interviews, and to do research. Because there is considerable material already available, consensus was set for October, 1984, making your time commitment relatively short.

We are planning to be heard in another area before long, and we are glad Dottie Gullicksen has not lost her enthusiasm even though summer vacations have claimed several of her National Security Committee members. She and her group have planned a rap session on "Quest for Arms Control" in August and are working on a stimulating consensus meeting for September. Please contact Dottie if you would like to help her with this vital issue.

As usual, the P&Z Committee has been busy planning and writing testimony for me to deliver before the Hawaii Community Development Authority regarding land in Kakaako and before the City Council in regard to our stand on inclusionary zoning. (See Board reading file) They do not let summer stand in their way, either.

Nor has Craig Whitesell, our Development Director, been idle. He has found a way to cut our expenses by $1600 a year! We are permitted by postal regulations to cover the cost of producing and distributing our newsletter by selling ads. So, if you or any-one you know would like to advertise a service or product in the VOTER, contact Jean Aoki or Craig.

Finally, a word of thanks to (1) our persevering Transportation Committee members; they might be compared to the Pony Express---through rain, or sleet, or---, (2) to Barbara Farwell whose excellent (and slick) hazardous waste publication is getting us lots of favorable publicity, and (3) to our City Council observers, under the guidance of Dorothy Murdock, who are trying to keep up with the new meeting schedule of the Council.

All of you make my job considerably easier.

Have a good summer !

Arlene Woo

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