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Dr. Galen Fox Discusses Arms Control at League Meeting

In a most informative speech at the August 26th League membership meeting planned by League's National Security Committee, Dr. Galen Fox compared our efforts at achieving arms control with the bicycle exerciser---we work at it and yet find ourselves back where we started.

"The quest for arms control," he said, "is an activity to preserve and enhance the security of our nation." Involved in this activity are the many agencies of the government, the White House, Congress, the press and the informed public. He stressed that one must master the vocabulary in order to join in this activity. He feels that the reading material provided by League are very helpful in learning to speak the esoteric language of arms control.

Dr. Fox went on to review the steps the United States and the Soviets and the rest of the world had taken to bring about some measure of control, and how the need for equity and verifiability have dominated these efforts. He defined what he believed to be the most important areas of arms control treaties and current negotiations.

Addressing the current national debate, he said that, at present, there is a disparity between the size of Soviet missiles and the size of ours. President Reagan's support of the MX missile is an effort to match theirs. It could also be viewed as an attempt to get the Soviets to control their largest missiles, and if this attempt is unsuccessful, we might build our MX. Dr. Fox feels that we should try to bring the largest missiles under control because they pose the greatest threat.

Dr. Fox is interested in the proposal offered by McNamara, Bundy, Smith and Kennan that the United States pledge not to be the first to use nuclear weapons. He pointed out, however, that this would mean that we would have to spend a great deal of money to strengthen our conventional war capability in order to offset the threat of a Soviet attack on Western Europe using only conventional weapons.

Dr. Fox was born and educated in Hawaii and earned his doctorate from Princeton. In 1982, he took a leave from the Department of State to become a Fellow at the Ease-West Center and is the coordinator of International Relations and International Economics in the Center Wide Programs.

The Honolulu Board wishes to express their appreciation to Dr. Fox and to Dorothy Gullicksen and her committee for arranging for this stimulating experience for our membership.

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