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Helen Whorton Speaks for League

Helen Whorton represented League as a guest speaker at the Wind Energy Technical Workshop sponsored by the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) and the Hawaii State Department of Planning and Economic Development on July 28 at the Campus Center on the UH Manoa campus. She voiced the general concerns of the public in respect to the social and environmental impact of tapping wind energy in Hawaii.

The following is a verbatim quote of the summary of her excellent presentation.

"To sum up, it will be seen that I am not suggesting that WECS (wind energy conversion systems) are problem free either socially or environmentally. I am not suggesting that, even at best, they now represent cost-effective energy savings to the consumer over current oil-based energy, but they are a clean, nonpolluting source of energy. They do not exhale sulphur or nitrous oxides for acid rain with its resultant dead streams and lakes, its destruction of our forests and wild life, its corrosive action on structures --- all with the resultant exorbitant economic costs. They do not exhaust C0½ into the air to create smog, health problems or a possible "green-house" effect. They do not create the noise associated with internal combustion engines.

Wind energy will help save for posterity the fossil fuels we need for our Petro-chemical industries as well as for energy we can-not get otherwise.

For all this, we, the public, should look at wind machines with patience and understanding as a very old, and yet very new, technology. You are the ones we rely on in developing this new industry, and you should endeavor to police your industry against the fast-buck and short-cut operators and to keep our (the public's) concerns in mind for the sake of what is, I hope, a bright future for the harnessing of wind's energy."

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