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Neighborhood Boards Study Committee Meeting
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News from City Hall

Dorothy Murdock, chair of the City Council Observer Corps, reports the formation of two new Council committees. The Housing Committee and the Parks and Recreation Committee take over some of the responsibilities of the Community Services Committee chaired by Welcome Fawcett.

Tony Narvaes will head the Housing Committee with Marilyn Bornhorst as vice-chair and Welcome Fawcett as the third member.

The Parks and Recreation Committee will be chaired by David Kahanu with Toraki Matsumoto as vice-chair and Leigh-Wai Doo as the third member.


With more committee meetings to monitor, the Observer Corps needs more feet and eyes. If you can spare even an hour or two every two weeks, call Dorothy Murdock, ph. 536-o477. If you can't stay for a whole meeting, stay for part of it. Every little bit will help.


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