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Series on Vietnam War Scheduled for KHET
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Series on Vietnam War Scheduled for KHET

Vietnam: A Television History, public television's new 13-part documentary series, chronicling three decades of struggle in Vietnam--the years 1945 to 1975--during which time Vietnamese revolutionaries battled first the French, and later, the Americans and their Indochinese allies in an effort to gain control of a country divided by the con- of centuries, will premier with a two-episode special on Tuesday, October 4, and Wednesday , October 5 at 9:00 p.m. on KHET. The third program will air on Tuesday, October 11 at 9:00 p.m., with the subsequent ten programs airing on consecutive Tuesdays at 9:00.

The series carefully analyze the costs and consequences of the American war in Vietnam for both countries involved. From the first episode to the last, it provides a detailed visual and oral account of the war which changed a generation and continues to color American thinking on many military foreign policy issues.

The following are the first few episodes to be aired:

1. "Roots of a War"

2. "The First Vietnam War (1946 - 1954)"

3. "America's Mandarin (1954 - 1963)"

4. "LBJ Goes to War (1964 -1965)"

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