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Transportation Committee Reports on Hali 2000

The Hali 2000 Community Workshops on Transportation Alternatives--Phase 2, sponsored by the Citizen Advisory Committee of the Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization, have been held throughout the island during August.

Goals and objectives emerged from the first round of workshops. The goals include those in Transportation Service, Quality of Life, Community Responsibility, and Demand Management; to these are attached 26 objectives. The workshops were an update on this phase with the purpose of achieving public consensus.

Most of the goals and objectives are land oriented; all are based on the assumption that all projects of the County and State which are currently under construction or previously planned will be "a given." Therefore, the alternatives look forward rather than assess what has been decided earlier.

OMPO says, "In drafting the following Hali 2000 goal and objective statements, considerable attention has been given to existing Federal, State, and County policies which may impact Oahu's transportation system either directly or indirectly. In particular, objective and policy statements of the Hawaii State Plan and the Oahu General Plan concerning transportation have formed the basis for these goals and objectives, thereby providing consistency with existing plans and strengthening their interrelationships. All relevant Federal. State, and County policy statements have been identified and will appear in a single source to be called the "Technical Reference Document." This source will cross-reference the policy statements with the Hali 2000 goals and objectives."

Computer analysis and a consultant's evaluation will be the next step. By fall, the objectives will be matched against performance and other factors. The final result will be adoption by OMPO of a single or a combination of transportation alternatives.

League's Transportation Committee members have participated at various points. Each of you is urged to look for the next set of workshops and provide your own perspective.

Dee Lum

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