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Annual Fund Drive - [The Dining Room]
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General Membership Meeting - The Legislative Process...
Lush Green Open Spaces or Wall-to-Wall Concrete?
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Arms Control Consensus Report
Dr. Werner Levi's Speech Aids Consensus Deliberations
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UN Decade for Women Nearing End
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Neighborhood Board Study Committee Seeks More Members (Mildred Walston)
They Have Given Us Their Support - Let's Give Them Our Support

President's Message

The National Security Study Committee presented an excellent program at our September 24th meeting. Dr. Werner Levi's thought-provoking talk provided impetus to a stimulating discussion. Once immersed in the consensus topic, we did not find the questionnaire so formidable.

Please read the committee's final report in this Voter and call or send in your reactions and comments by the October 17th Board meeting.


We are in the middle of our Action Packed Politics Campaign, and we hope you have been doing your part by encouraging friends and acquaintances to attend our functions and to join us. I think we need to be outgoing and come right out and say, "We want you to join League." LWVUS reports that the most successful segment of the national direct mail test was the invitation to join the League at $30 (the national dues rate), and that members who joined at $30 were more likely to include a contribution.

We are all aware that the volunteer is a vanishing entity, and a Gallup poll was even more discouraging with its report that the smallest percentage of volunteer activity is devoted to citizenship or political work in comparison with religious, health, education, and other informal activities. So, if you know someone who indicates even the slightest interest in League, grab 'em.

Sue McKinnon picked up three prospects at the Kaneohe Officers' Wives meeting, and Sherrie Fessier and I persuaded fourteen women at the Hickam Officers' Wives "coffee" to sign up for more information. If any of the dozens of people we have invited to our October 29th meeting turn up, please do not hesitate to lobby them to join LWV. We'll have materials and a sign-up sheet handy.


If it sounds like I'm coming on strong, you ain't heard nothin' yet. Having completed the initial phase of the Corporate Funds Drive, Craig Whitesell and his Finance Committee are preparing to begin work on the Direct Mail Drive. This approach to fund raising was tried in 1980 with some success.

Out there in the community are hundreds of people who share League's beliefs and would like to support our efforts. They just need to be informed about our goals and our activities. They need to be made aware that if they cannot actively participate in our work, they can contribute toward our efforts by giving us financial support.

What we need from you are the names of at least five individuals who might be friends of the League. Just call or send the names in to the office, and we'll let you know when the appeal letters are ready for your personal touch.


Our strongest attraction in our appeal for members and financial support is our pro-gram. National has decided to start the program-making process in a new way this year. In October and November, the national board will present to local and state boards, a suggested national program which will be based on their evaluation of current program and their collective judgment on the current political climate, as well as the available League resources. We will consider these suggestions and formulate our recommendations to National.

The program recommendations from local and state Leagues will be tallied, and in March, 1984, the national board will formulate the proposed national program. This, along with a list of "not recommended issues," will come up for final vote at the nation-al convention in May.

These national program items often provide the most visibility for League; indeed, LWVUS has a wonderful reputation on Capitol Hill. But our League in Hawaii also has the ear of many Council members and legislators. So, do not be shy about joining one of our active and successful committees.

Arlene Woo

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